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Losing weight and eating healthy is one of the most stressful things today. Estimations put it around 39% of the world population are overweight and obese, according to WHO. 

You don’t need to be part of the statistics to start the initiative of regaining your health back. The fantastic thing is you can start doing a Keto diet and enhance the body weight reduction.

You might be confused about what a ketogenic diet is. But, I am going to discuss this in detail as we progress. 

However, most people can benefit from the diet and enjoy outstanding results even before thinking of other means. 

If you are yearning to get back your health and remain a foodie, I will share with you the best strategies. My custom diet review is based on CustomKetoDiet

It’s a leading haven where you can get a customized ketogenic plan to get rid of extra weight. 

best custom keto diet deal

What Is the Keto Diet?

It might be the first time to hear about this word or have heard it but don’t know what it is. However, it’s simple, and you don’t need to be an expert to try it. 

A ketogenic (keto) diet is high in fat and low in sugar/carbohydrates. According to MedicalNewsToday,  it’s a diet that aims at building more beneficial fats and proteins while deleting carbohydrate reserves. 

By depleting the carbohydrates, the body breaks down fat to get energy. The process whereby the body breaks down fats into ketones is called Ketogenesis. 

The production of ketone blocks ensures the body has alternative sources of energy. By body using ketones brings a lot of health benefits. 

In the following section, we will learn different aspects of the keto diet. Also, you will know the keto diet rules and how to start it. 

Brief History of Keto Diet 

How old do you think the Ketogenic diet is? The fact you are hearing it now or a few years ago doesn’t mean it’s a new thing. The ketogenic diet has been with us since 500 BC, only that people used other means like fasting to achieve it. 

The Ketogenic diet was introduced into the medical world in 1920 to treat epilepsy. 

The use of this diet based treatment declined due to the invention of antiepileptics. However, at the beginning of the 21st century, the method reappeared in the last few years. 

Keto diet is now widely used for various issues ranging from epilepsy, diabetes, weight loss and more. 

Why Choose Keto Diet Over Others?

best keto diet menu

Vegans Keto Diet: Unsplash

Before coming to KD, you might be one of the many people with tons of questions. You might be wondering how to start a keto diet, how does the keto diet work, and many more. 

The most concern is whether the diet will work for you.

One of the assurances I can give is that Keto diet works for all people. The only thing is to adhere to the rules. Especially when it comes to customized keto diets, they are customized to fit individuals.

Some of the leading benefits of a keto diet are discussed below. 

  1. Facilitates weight loss 

One of the main reasons you should seek this diet is weight loss. Factually, most people switching to keto are those seeking to cut the weight. 

Sugars are notorious for enhancing weight gain. Therefore, cutting the intake of processed sugars significantly plays a part in weight reduction. 

Adding KD is one of the essential steps toward shedding some kilos. The diett is rich in fat which takes more time to break than simple sugars. 

According to experts, sugars are metabolized quickly than fat. Also, the energy needed to break a fat molecule is higher, meaning it’s better for your body. 

A Keto diet has more fat; therefore, it reduces appetite, giving the body ample time. The suppressed appetite and delayed slow metabolism enable gradual bodyweight loss. 

  1. Improving heart health 

Consuming food with harmful fats like cholesterol will lead to clogged arteries. This compromises your heart performance as well as leads to high blood pressure. 

In keto diets, the oils you eat are healthy to ensure proper heart health. Even when you go dirty for the keto diet, there is no compromise to heart health. 

With a balanced keto diet, cardiovascular diseases are eliminated. There are no bad cholesterols once you start enjoying kd. 

  1. Great skin and no acne management 

Eating processed carbohydrates has been proven to increase the chance of acne. This is because increased blood sugar results in increased insulin levels. 

With an increase in insulin, there are also high levels of androgen. The hormone triggers the skin to produce more oil which can clog pores leading to blackheads.

According to experts, many processed foods will make your hormones go crazy. 

When you get rid of acne, you can enjoy smooth and healthy skin. 

  1. Fast, safe and easy to follow 

When you go on a keto diet, there are fewer conveniences. Unlike other methods of losing weight, the diet is one of the simplest. 

There is no fasting; the fasting process can be an issue for many people. The diet includes meals that will train the body to use ketones as an energy source. Basically, the body will be using the same fuel source as someone fasting. 

Apart from using a diet, there is no going to gyms. This eliminates the need to set exercising time apart. Also, there are no risks of injuries as you try to burn calories via heavy equipment. 

Downsides of keto diet: Why can you use a keto diet? 

A Keto diet is fantastic and works wonders. However, the diet isn’t for everyone. There are some restrictions when opting for a ketogenic diet to cut weight. 

Some of the people who can’t use KD plan include: 

  • People with eating disorders 
  • People with pancreases and kidney issues 
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women 

Apart from the excluded group of people, you might experience some side effects when you switch to KD. Some of the most common side effects include:

  • Fatigue 
  • Low blood sugars 
  • Constipation 
  • Nausea and vomiting 
  • Headache
  • Mineral deficiency 
  • Kidney stones 
  • Excess fat in the liver 
  • Excess blood protein 

Although the mentioned above effects are the most common among many people switching to a keto diet, most are temporary. It’s not a must that you will get the effects.

How to reduce Keto diet side effects 

If you switch to a keto diet, there are chances of getting the side effects. But, there is a way out to minimize or eliminate the side effects.

Some of the things to do to avoid these effects include.

Avoid intense exercise: Intense exercises drain a lot of energy, and the body has not yet adapted. Therefore, it’s better to avoid when switching to KD.

Eat a lot of fiber: Eating a lot of fiber before switching to keto is advisable. Also, aim at food with a low carb but high fiber.

Drink a lot of water: When you switch to a Keto diet, it is crucial to drink a lot of water. Preferably, 68 ounces of water will help slim and cater to daily needs.

Consume enough salt: Body loses a lot of sodium daily through sweating. Since keto doesn’t allow eating some food, consult your doctor to adjust your salt intake.

Eat enough minerals: Minerals are vital, and having a deficiency can elevate the side effects. Before switching to a keto diet, consult your doctor to see whether it’s essential to take supplements.

What is the best Keto diet? CustomKetoDiet Review 

With many people claiming to be diet specialists, it can be hard to choose the best one. Especially the keto diet for dummies, it can be tricky if you are selecting the program for the first time.

The same if you are looking for something like a keto diet breakfast. A complete guide to a ketogenic diet can be a hassle without paying handsomely. 

Having interacted with people on keto diets, CustomKetoDiet is one of the best places to be. The plan has some of the notable outcomes I have seen. It’s simple yet effective. 

Whether you are a beginner, the program is straightforward. Once you are ready to go, the plan is always easy to follow. 

Is Custom Keto Diet Worth It? 

Many people are worried about picking a random or customized keto diet. While there are many ways to enjoy the diet, I suggest choosing your own plan. 

Having a customized plan ensures you get perfect results in a stipulated time. Amazingly, ckdplan.com has a custom diet for everyone. Whether you are a man or a woman, you can always customize your diet. 

The available program offers you personalized plans from 8 weeks to 12 months with guaranteed results. 

Besides, you can enjoy an excellent 7-day free keto diet plan that offers proven outcomes. 

Basically, the duration of your custom keto diet depends on your weight and goals. If you have more weight, you can have an extended time to ensure perfect results. 

Is the Custom Keto Diet Planned By Experts? 

The kd plan I am sharing with you is from an expert. Her name is Rachel Roberts, and she seems to have a deep understanding of the topic. 

From the testimonies, the process seems to work even if her profile online is limited. However, there is little to care about since everyone is interested in a working plan. 

Since everything is planned carefully, the kind of customization is impressive. The planner knows what exactly you are looking for. Therefore, I can recommend her custom Keto diet 100%. 

How Much Does Keto Diet Cost? Is It Free? 

How Much Does Keto Diet Cost

Getting a customized keto diet can be a bit expensive. Most said experts charge around $100-$150 per month

Typically, CKD provides a customized 7 days free keto plan. After that, 3 subscription plans are available at the best prices compared to others. 

The plans available include 8 weeks, 12 months, and 6 months. 

If you go for 8 weeks, it costs $74 while 12 months is $197 and 6 months $134. However, each plan comes with a 50% price discount, and the subscription is lifetime. 

Apart from enjoying the lifetime subscription, the CKD offers the following fantastic bonuses. The extras are free; hence you won’t have to pay an additional fee. 

Accelerated weight loss through intermittent fasting 

The subscription to any plan will let you access the power of the intermittent fasting book for free. Usually, the book costs $47, which is a huge favor. 

Intermittent fasting and keto diet help you to achieve your weight loss faster. Therefore, the book will be an excellent boost for your purpose. 

Can’t-Fail “Travel Safe” Fast Food Option 

This part of the bonus is amazing and ensures that travelers can still observe keto diet while away. The $99 book is handy for travelers. 

It details some of the best food you can enjoy in restaurants and maintain a keto-friendly diet. It’s free for everyone who subscribes to CKD plans. 

Access Author Private Video Archive 

Apart from accessing your custom-made recipes in document format, you can now enjoy private videos. The free access to Rachel Roberts private videos at no extra charge ensures a boost to your journey. 

Recipes and meals access via mobile devices 

When you subscribe, you can access your needed information via mobile devices. Whether it’s a smartphone or tablet, the system is super mobile-friendly. 

Access to personal Keto Coach 

This one is one of the favorite things you will enjoy once you subscribe. You get access to a hand-picked keto diet coach to ensure successful results. 

The personal coach will take care of all of your concerns. Whether it’s questions or concerns, the coach is always accessible. 

Can I recommend a CKD plan? 

One thing I can assure you is the plan is highly effective. The person behind the meal planning offers some of the best keto diet menus. Once you start enrolling, there are tons of benefits you can enjoy. 

It doesn’t matter how many have failed in your weight reduction plans. The kind of food you get in the customized recipe they are sure to facilitate fantastic transformation.

The meals are planned as per the expert’s recommendation. Typically, one needs 3-4 days for the body to switch to ketosis. Therefore, every meal in the program is aimed at this. 

With a 7 days keto plan, you can always enjoy a great transition. Meal planning aims to give your body a supercharged transition fast, depending on your goals. 

The great thing I love about this plan is you can opt for a vegetarian keto diet. With various veggies and keto diet fruit, you can opt to keep it vegan. 

If you love your bacon, pork or beef, there is a chance of playing dirty keto. Eating your favorite chicken, pork, and other animal products is possible safely with expert assistance.

Can I Get a Lazy Keto Diet at CKD? 

Well, the keto diet has variations. That is why it is crucial to have a customized diet.

Usually, a lazy keto diet is a variable of a real keto diet. It involves limiting the carbs intake to less than 10% a day. However, there is no tracking of fat and protein. 

The diet is more restrictive, which means the body will mainly source energy from fats. 

One thing to note is you can have a lazy keto diet by customizing the recipe. By having the planner customize your keto recipes, you can choose the meals that suit the lazy keto diet. 

Some of the food available for this diet are avocados, meat, dairy products and others. 

A lazy keto diet is also not suitable for people who can’t do keto diets.

How to get a custom keto diet? 

The ultimate way to get a custom keto diet is by visiting the CustomKetoDiet web page. Remember, the plan and everything else is online, eliminating the need to wait. 

Once you order your book or plan, it is delivered instantly to your email. Also, it’s easy to enjoy the recipes and plans everywhere as they are in electronic format. 

To enjoy the keto diet plan, these are the steps to follow. 

Step 1 

Open this page on your browser https://ckdplan.com/meal-plan/, and the following window will open.

how to start keto diet

The page will ask you whether you want a customized keto diet for males or females. Choose your gender and click “start here”. Amazingly, there is a simple to understand video with audio to ensure an easy process. 

Step 2

In the next step, you will get a list of choices asking about the level of experience regarding the keto diet. Choose the most suitable for your case.

keto quiz

 Step 3

Proceed to step 3, where you will need to choose how active you are. 

keto diet recipes for beginners

 Step 4

In this stage, you need to choose the type of meat to be included in your meal. For vegans, you can opt out of meat.

keto diet meat

Step 5

Here you need to select your favorite vegetables to include in the menu. For vegans, this is your stronghold. 

keto diet for vegans

Step 6

After choosing veggies and meat, this stage allows you to choose further  your additional keto ingredients furth. 

low carb diet snacks

Step 7 

Fill in your age. 

what to eat on keto diet

Step 8 

Choose measurements; metric or imperial (Kilos or Pounds)

keto diet measurements

Step 9

Enter your height 

keto height quiz

 Step 10

Enter your weight. 

weight keto diet quiz

Step 11

Type your target weight at the end of the keto diet.

target keto weight quiz

Step 12

The process is complete, and you can click on the ‘Get your custom plan’ button.

Get the custom keto plan

Step 13 

After clicking the get your custom plan button, it will direct you to a window where to put your email details. Afterwards, a custom plan with what to eat on the keto diet and expected weight will be sent. 

Put your name and email in the window and click “give me my plan.” 

keto diet plan for weight loss

The process is over, and you can enjoy your tailored keto diet from CustomKetoDiet.

Does CKD have an app? 

Keto Diet mobile device

View from different devices

Apart from the web version for PC, you can enjoy the services via mobile device. The site has excellent optimization, which lets you access using a smartphone. 

You can enjoy seamless access, and the interface is also excellent, making reading easy.

I hope that soon, the app will be available. This will improve efficiency since, with a click, you can access your content. 

The easiest way to access the site is by bookmarking the page in your browser. 

Is There a Guarantee Refund for Custom Keto Diet? 

is keto custom plan legit

Even though most people love the plan, you can’t satisfy 100% of the users. Therefore, you can try the first 30 days free diet and gauge whether it’s working for you. 

According to the vendor, there is a guaranteed refund of up to 60 days in case of dissatisfaction. 

Considering the deal, it’s hard even to think about a refund. The food plan is affordable, and the program works flawlessly.

CustomKetoDiet 7-day keto diet 

There are different recipes each one can get from the planner, depending on the customization needs. 

The variation can be due to the duration. For instance, if you target 7 days, the food customization will be different for a person looking for a 6 months plan. 

Also, for active users, it’s easier to achieve results fast than for inactive people.

Most people can start a keto diet and give up on the way. However, it’s always ideal to select short plans to ensure that it’s easy to return even when you abandon the mission. 

With most people having difficulties due to their busy schedules, 7 days keto diet is a superb choice. 

It is worth noting that sticking to a keto diet can be challenging. Especially in the first days, cravings can be crazy. However, after about 4 days, the body will start to adapt.

To beat cravings, keto diet snacks and keto diet drinks are necessary. 

One thing I like about the plan is its flexibility. You can repeat it over and over, on a 7 keto diet for one week and continue next week. 

If you ask whether there are results from this plan, I can guarantee you will see change. The creation is from world-leading chefs, which means sure results. 

If you take the plan, it is possible to shed up to 10 pounds. There are no exercises involved, just tweaking your diet, and the results are excellent. 

Even though the claimed weight is possible, many factors can vary in results. But, it is always to give it a trial and see how many pounds you will achieve. 

Comparing your keto diet before and after the stipulated time will tell you whether it’s the plan working for you. 

How Much Is 7 Days Keto Diet?

The cost of a 7 days keto diet is different from that of other plans. It’s one of the most affordable you can opt for fast results. 

Purchasing the plan will cost you around $27. But, if you join using this link, you  get the plan  for  free.   

Which is the best option for a keto diet? 

Every plan is good as long as the user sticks to the provided guidelines. 

Whether you are on 7 days, 8 weeks, 6 months or 12 months, the core thinking is to remain focused. Following a strict plan in your diet and recipes is what I recommend most.

The 7 days plan is effective, but also easy to get bored with repetitive food.

After you are done with the 7 days plan, it’s recommended to switch to other plans. I strongly recommend switching to an 8 weeks, 6 months, and 12 months plan and experience amazing results in your ambitious goal.

The best thing is it all comes with recipes and everything is ready. You don’t need a keto diet calculator. Everything is arranged in order, your work is to prepare meals. 

Benefits of the Custom Keto Diet (Pros)

Whether you opt for the shortest or longest keto plan, they are amazing. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Readymade recipes, no keto calculators are needed
  • Quick and easy to access support 
  • Highly affordable, the price is impressive. 
  • Mouthwatering recipes that aren’t monotonous 
  • Crafted by leading chefs and nutritionists 
  • Bonus materials to enable great results 
  • Personalized recipes for everyone 
  • Highly affordable recipe plans 
  • Free trial period before purchase 

Custom Keto Diet Downsides (Cons)

  • The custom diet doesn’t have an app 
  • Digital download only
  • Not for Pregnant Women

Custom Keto Diet FAQ 

Even with all the information, you might have a keto quiz. Some of the concerning faqs are addressed below. 

Is keto diet good for diabetics? 

YES, Keto diet is great. It’s great for people with type 2 diabetes since it helps maintain low blood sugar. Since monitoring glucose intake is vital for diabetic people, a keto diet is one of the best ways. 

Is keto custom plan legit? 

As far as I know and have tested this plan, I can ascertain it’s legit. However, to obtain the best results, it’s essential to follow your diet advisers to the dot. 

Can I have alcohol while on a keto diet? 

Yea, you can have alcohol on keto diet. As long as alcohol has zero or very low carbs, you can enjoy it in moderation. Some alcohols like rum, whisky and other pure alcohol are good options. 

How many carbs are on the keto diet?

The goal of a keto diet is to reduce carbs intake as much as possible. A regular keto diet has less than 10% carbohydrates. 


Keto diet is one of the best ways to enjoy tremendous weight loss. Having experienced fantastic work of custom keto diet, all your myths about weight using diet have been debunked.

A well-planned diet always ensures noticeable results within a short period. Whether it’s keto breakfast, lunch, or dinner, it’s possible to achieve superb results. 

The flexibility of the diet shows you can always enjoy customized recipes to achieve your target weight. 

With this custom keto review, it’s evident that it’s possible to shed some weight even without exercising. Besides, the highly affordable plans ensure most people can enjoy the plans without breaking the bank. 

best custom keto diet deal


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