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keto crockpot chicken
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KETO CROCKPOT CHICKEN Made Simple: Ready In 3 Hours 10 Minutes

If you have ever had a hard time making keto crockpot chicken, worry no more. I am here to take you on an amazing adventure, and I can assure you that in the end, you’d be able to make a mouth-watering and tastes buds pleasing crockpot chicken. This is an awesome adventure, please ride with …

keto salmon patties
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An Ultimate Guide To Making Great Tasting KETO SALMON PATTIES

I’m a lover of keto diets, and I’ve been trying out one keto recipe after the other and you’re probably here because you’re a lover of ketogenic diet like myself. If that is the case, then you can’t go wrong with some delicious keto salmon patties. It is highly recommended in the list of keto …

keto stir fry
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TERIYAKI CHICKEN STIR FRY: My Kids Love This Recipe, Yours Might!

Sometimes Amazing doesn’t begin with the word A. The Keto stir fry is super amazing with every single word and it is certainly a good choice for you if you are really serious about your keto dieting.  Well, there are a good number of people who will prefer other things like keto cornbread and all …

Low carb taco bell
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Best 10 Low Carb Taco Bell Meals You Can Order At Anytime

Let’s say you walked into a huge restaurant with low carb taco bell in mind, what exactly would be your options?  I have seen many people stuck with one particular keto taco bell meal when there are a lot of options to try out. If you ask me, I’d say that’s bondage! The total number …

keto mcdonalds
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Best Keto Mcdonalds Low Carb Options You Can Go For!

There are a lot of keto McDonalds options that you can choose from, however, to keep it low carb you need to know what exactly you need to order.  Are you ready for my tips on low carb options at McDonald’s? Let’s begin How Healthy Are These Keto At Mcdonalds? So, let’s say you are …

Unstuffed cabbage rolls
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UNSTUFFED CABBAGE ROLLS Made Simple In Less Than An Hour

The word “cabbage” gives me foodgasms all the time, especially when made right. I learned how to make this special unstuffed cabbage rolls recipe some years back.  Want to hear a short story? Well, here goes; I was on a camping trip with my family and my friends family, we brought lots of canned food …

Cabbage and Sausage
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This CABBAGE AND SAUSAGE Recipe Will Make You Look Like A Pro

So, you could literally tag this as fried cabbage and sausage made simple. In this article, I will take you on a not so long journey.  It all started in 2012, I was single at the time, living in California and trying so hard to become one of the best cook instructors.  2013, I met …