air fryer pork chops

Hello there, today, I will be teaching you one of my old recipes, I call it the air fryer pork chops and broccoli recipe. How long will it take to cook air fried pork chops? Just 15 minutes and you’re good to go.

Do you have an air fryer? If you don’t it is not the end of the world, you can simply scroll to the bottom of this article and you’ll see a link to one of the best air fryers I have ever seen. 

Basically, to make pork chops in air fryer you definitely need what? (an air fryer of course).

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What To Love About This Air Fryer Pork Tenderloin

Speed guys! Speed! So, there was a time my husband was hungry and needed quick food, I asked him if he wanted air fryer breaded pork chops, he said yes, but asked how long to cook pork chops in air fryer? I said, 15 minutes. He was shocked!

air fryer pork chop recipe

It can literally be classified as the fastest dish ever. Don’t be bothered about anything being undercooked, the pork chops are to die for, the broccoli comes out roasted in a perfect way.

After making this for your family, you’ll definitely want to take out your Android or IOS device to take a picture. It looks good on a plate, trust me.

The Art Of Making Air Fryer Pork Chop Recipe

Here’s how to cook pork chops in air fryer. 

The first thing you want to do is give your pork chops some seasoning, to do this you need to get ready some olive oil or avocado oil, whichever you prefer. 

air fryer boneless pork chops

Drizzle the oil on the pork chops. 

Next up, mix together paprika, garlic powder, salt, and onion powder. Use this mixture to season the pork chops thoroughly. 

Get ready your air fryer, place the pork chops in the basket of the air fryer. Now, place the chops in the air fryer at 350 for 5 minutes. 

Given that your broccoli is already clean and all, place it inside a bowl, add some oil and minced garlic. Lastly, sprinkle some salt.

By this time, the 5 minutes timing for your pork chops should be almost up, when it is, remove the basket from the air fryer, flip the pork chops so the other side can fry, also, add the broccoli just beside the pork chops.

how long to cook pork chops in air fryer

Add all to the air fryer for 5 minutes. To get an even roast, I suggest you turn the broccoli when it’s about halfway through so you can get an even roast.

There you have it, great-tasting air fryer pork chops no breading ready in 15 minutes.

If you want air fryer breaded pork chops, you’ll need to get some low carb bread crumbs, but that’s a recipe for another day.

What Air Fryer To Use

I’ll like to introduce you all to the COSORI Smart WiFi Air Fryer, it is fully programmable, this is a must-have air fryer for people that love air fryers. You can connect it with Alexa and give voice commands. That’s amazing.

It has about 11 cooking presets, it also has a shake reminder. I know you’ll love the digital touchscreen that makes operating it easier. 

An air fryer with built-in wifi? That’s great if you ask me.

And you do not need to worry about your pork chops or broccoli fitting in this air fryer, it is 5.8 quarts. 

Final Words

You can make this recipe for dinner or even lunch as a main dish, but I must forewarn you, I became highly addicted to this recipe after my first try. And, I wasn’t kidding when I said, your kids might probably love it. My little ones don’t leave leftover pork chops but most times I have to get rid of a little leftover broccoli. 

So, have fun cooking.

Air Fryer Pork Chops With Broccoli Recipe That Your Kids Might Love

Recipe by Carla WilliamsCourse: Main Dishes


Prep time


Cooking time




Total time



Great tasting air fryer pork chops that can be cooked and serve in less than 17 minutes. It’s juicy and there’s 95% chance you’ll become addicted to it.


  • 2 cloves of minced garlic.

  • 2-4 ounce of boneless pork chops.

  • 1 teaspoon of salt.

  • ½ teaspoon of onion powder.

  • ½ teaspoon of garlic powder.

  • ½ teaspoon paprika.

  • 2 tablespoons of avocado oil.

  • 2 cups of broccoli florets.


  • Preheat your air fryer to 350 degrees, if you are having issues doing this, you can refer to the manufacturer’s instruction manual.
  • Drizzle just one tablespoon of avocado or olive oil on both sides of the pork chops.
  • Mix together paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, and salt, then use the mixture to season both sides of the pork chops.
  • Place the pork chops in the basket of the air fryer and cook for just 5 minutes.
  • Get ready your broccoli while the pork chops are cooking, add broccoli to a bowl with a tablespoon of oil, garlic, and salt.
  • Add the broccoli to the basket of the air fryer, then flip the pork chops.
  • Return to the air fryer and cook for another 5 minutes.
  • At about 2.5 minutes, stir the broccoli.
  • Remove the pork chops and broccoli from the air fryer and serve.


  • You can spray the basket with non-stick spray so the broccoli and pork chops won’t stick to the basket. To make your air fryer pork chops taste great, make sure you season properly. Also, don’t use too much oil. 

Nutrition Facts

2 servings per container


  • Amount Per Serving% Daily Value *
  • Total Fat 30g 47%
    • Cholesterol 119mg 40%
    • Sodium 1201mg 51%
    • Amount Per Serving% Daily Value *
    • Total Carbohydrate 12g 4%
      • Dietary Fiber 6g 24%
      • Sugars 2g
    • Protein 40g 80%

      * The % Daily Value tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.

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