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I and a friend of mine took our time to analyze a large number of cereals and we found some worthy of being among this epic list of gluten free cereals.

One of the sweetest ways to start your day is with a big bowl of gluten free cereal. 

Without further ado lady or gentleman, I’ll skip to the fun part where I introduce you to some of the best crunchy and sweet gluten free cereals.

You are just seconds away from meeting your possible best gluten free breakfast cereal.

What is a Gluten Free Cereal

Ever come across the term gluten free diet? Well, a gluten free diet is one that has no trace of wheat and some other kinds of grains. Now, Gluten is actually a protein that is found in most grains. Research shows that the gluten found in wheat, rye, barley, and triticale can cause health issues

If you have symptoms of celiac disease, having a strict gluten-free diet is essential. 

Trust me guys, they are lots of complications that can come with having too much gluten. But hey, you don’t have to stop taking cereal because you are on a strict gluten-diet. They are lots of cereals that you can have.  In this guide, I will list a few kinds of cereal that are gluten free. 

List Of Gluten Free Cereals

Ever wondered what cereals are gluten free? Here are 10 of my favorite, if you can’t find your preferred cereal here, it probably is not gluten free or I am not a fan of it.

1. Cinnamon Chex Cereal

This 19.6 oz cinnamon Chex cereal can serve a couple of times before having to get a new one. It has no artificial colors or flavors. It is completely gluten free. If you are looking for a cereal that can give calcium, this is also a great pick. Honey fans will love this, the Cinnamon Chex is made with real honey that gives it a unique sweetness in every bite. 

You’ll surely love this cereal.

2. EnviroKids Panda Puffs

Perfect for our little ones, it is organic, healthy and gluten free. This is one cereal my kid’s love, and I am sure yours would love it too. Quick question, do you like peanuts? You should totally have a taste of this cereal. 

It does not have artificial colors, preservatives or flavors. And hey! It is crunchy, I mean, who doesn’t love a good crunch when eating cereal.

what cereals are gluten free

3. Nature’s Path Blueberry Pecan Granola

Here’s one you’ll love if you are into granola, It is also organic and gluten free. Each pouch is 9 ounces. What’s the content? This cereal is packed with fried-dried blueberries, whole grain oats and bits of pecan. 

Whenever I am embarking on a long journey, I most times take this cereal with me, it’s resealable pouch makes it possible. For me, the only con would be its sweetness. If they could reduce the sugar in it a little bit, I’d be happy.

list of gluten free cereals

4. Frosted Cheerios 

Ever had cheerios before? Did you love it? Well, here’s another kind of cheerios, this one is frosted and also crunchy too. This is a family-size pack of sweetness. It has no artificial flavors or colors. It is totally worthy of being on my list of the best gluten-free cereals. 

Unlike the previous cereal, this one does not have a lot of sugar. It has just the right amount.

what cereals are gluten free

5. Natures Path Corn Flakes

Here’s who takes the 5th spot on my gluten free cereal list. Growing up as a kid, cornflakes were my best kind of cereal. If you love cornflakes but can’t eat the regular cornflakes, you can settle for Natures path corn flakes. It has a powerful crunch and would go so well with the perfect milk. Imagine having this gluten free cornflakes with Fairlife Milk, oh my. So, sweet.

list of gluten free cereals

6. Gluten Free Oats

If you want my mom to be happy, hand her a bowl of oats, if you’re an oat type but can’t have regular oats, you can settle for this gluten free oat. If you are a vegan or vegetarian you won’t have issues eating this. It is a 100% whole grain and high in fiber.

gluten free cereal list

7. Lucky Charms

Ever had Cheerios, Lucky charms are quite similar to cheerios. Perfect for your kids. It is fortified with lots of vitamins and minerals that are quite essential. The cereal is coated with frosh. So, you’ll be seeing frosted oats and marshmallows inside the box.

what cereals are gluten free

8. Fruity Pebbles

The flintstones where always my favorite cartoon on Boomerang back in the day, I think to see the face of Fred and Barney on a cereal box is quite satisfying. Buy this for your kids and watch them shower you with lots of “thank you” and “I love you”.

It has lots of essential vitamins and minerals that’ll keep your little ones healthy.

are fruity pebbles gluten free

9. Barbara’s Honey Rice Puffins

Puffins are one of the most beautiful birds in the world. Barbara’s puffins is a company that makes a number of gluten free products, this is one. My best part about this cereal is the honey taste when crunched in my mouth. This cereal is low in fat, sodium and completely cholesterol free. 

Mark my words “you will love it”.

gluten free cereal list

10. Cheerios

You are not into frosted cheerios? Try these normal cheerios, they are free of gluten and taste great. They are quite cheap too, Cheerios is a good source of calcium, fiber, and iron. It is perfect for not only kids but adults too.

They are also low in fat and won’t leave cholesterol in your body after eating it. With no artificial colors or flavors, this cereal would make a great meal for breakfast with no complications whatsoever.

gluten free breakfast cereal

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are fruit loops gluten-free?

Nope, it is not gluten free, if you are looking for something a bit similar, you can try fruity pebbles, they are gluten free and taste amazing.

Are froot loops gluten free?

If you have been consuming this with the thoughts of it being gluten free, you are not on the right path. Froot loops are not gluten free.

Are fruity pebbles gluten free?

Yes, fruity pebbles are, and they taste good too. 

Is captain crunch gluten free?

Nope, it isn’t. But there are better substitutes like barbara’s honey rice puffins.

Is life cereal gluten free?

Life cereal contains whole wheat flour and this totally stops it from being gluten free. 

Final Words

Are cereals only for kids? No! I don’t know about you but I can’t do without a bowl of cereal, especially in the morning. I have listed some of the best cereals without gluten, I hope you find your favorite gluten free cereal. 

If you have a favorite gluten free cereal that I missed, you can use the comment section and I just might add it to my list.