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keto breakfast casserole

Taste Buds Pleasing Keto Breakfast Casserole: Perfect For Mornings

Today is going to be all about keto breakfast casserole. I will show you a special gluten free breakfast casserole recipe that will make you happy.  They say breakfast is the most important meal in a day. So, instead of running on an empty stomach or trying to stop at the restaurant to ingest unmeasured …

Hard boiled eggs in oven

All In One Guide To Improve Your HARD-BOILED EGGS IN OVEN Skills

It seems easy right, I mean, what could be so difficult about hard-boiled eggs in the oven. Truth is, you might have been getting it wrong all along and this guide would prove that to you.  I have a quick question, did you know that they are soft boiled eggs as there are hard-boiled ones?  …

keto desserts

KETO DESSERTS: 2 Incredibly Easy Recipes That Works For All

I am a big fan of sweets, I pray I don’t get diabetes, I just can’t stop or control the craving for yummy desserts. In this article, I am going to show you a bunch of simple keto desserts that will spice up your day and put a big smile on your kids’ faces, if …

coddled eggs

How I Made The Best Coddled Eggs Recipe In Minutes

Ever had great tasting coddled eggs? No, OMG! You are missing out on a delicacy. But not to worry, I wrote this article to show you one of my favorite coddled eggs recipes. In a bit, you will know how to coddle an egg, how to use an egg coddler, and more.  If you are …

egg casserole without bread

The Egg Casserole Without Bread Recipe Everyone Is Talking About

Hey there, welcome. In a bit you’ll discover my secret egg casserole without bread recipe. Stay glued to your screens. A casserole is basically food prepared and served from the same dish. Its roots are said to be American but in every continent of the globe, there are various types available.  I have officially fallen …

keto tortillas

A Rare Guide To Making Keto Tortillas In Minutes

Back in the day, I always loved the Keto tortilla recipe made by my friend, I remember asking her to teach me how to do it as she does, sadly, she didn’t. Maybe because it was a secret. I had to do my research and after a lot of reading, I can comfortably make keto …

fathead pizza
Main Dishes

The Ultimate Guide To FATHEAD PIZZA

If you love pizza as much as I do, then howdy there partner. We have something in common.  The best part about reading this article is that by the end of the day, you’ll have a Fathead Pizza going all the way down to your belly from your mouth. It’s a magical experience, trust me, …


CHAFFLES: An Incredibly Easy Recipe That Works For All

Once, I looked at the weighing scale with myself on it and I realized I had shot up from 54kg to 63kg. What!! That was so much information to take in.  I realized that for some good months, I had stopped paying attention to what I eat. I got so busy at work… I run …

keto cornbread

KETO CORNBREAD: Great Tasting No Corn Cornbread In A Jiffy

I have seen quite a good number of people on weight loss programs daily. One thing that should be of priority is not really what you do not eat but what you actually eat.  The body is very well wired around food to build it up and make it less offensive to look upon.  So …