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keto salmon patties
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An Ultimate Guide To Making Great Tasting KETO SALMON PATTIES

I’m a lover of keto diets, and I’ve been trying out one keto recipe after the other and you’re probably here because you’re a lover of ketogenic diet like myself. If that is the case, then you can’t go wrong with some delicious keto salmon patties. It is highly recommended in the list of keto …

keto stir fry
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TERIYAKI CHICKEN STIR FRY: My Kids Love This Recipe, Yours Might!

Sometimes Amazing doesn’t begin with the word A. The Keto stir fry is super amazing with every single word and it is certainly a good choice for you if you are really serious about your keto dieting.  Well, there are a good number of people who will prefer other things like keto cornbread and all …

Cabbage and Sausage
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This CABBAGE AND SAUSAGE Recipe Will Make You Look Like A Pro

So, you could literally tag this as fried cabbage and sausage made simple. In this article, I will take you on a not so long journey.  It all started in 2012, I was single at the time, living in California and trying so hard to become one of the best cook instructors.  2013, I met …

pork tenderloin
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Want To Step Up Your PORK TENDERLOIN? You Need To Read This First

The fact that you are even reading this in the first place tells me one thing, “you love pork”. You are not alone, I actually love it too, maybe more”.  Here is more good news,  “I have a mind-blowing and easy to follow method on how to cook pork tenderloin. Guys, there’s even more good …

keto desserts

KETO DESSERTS: 2 Incredibly Easy Recipes That Works For All

I am a big fan of sweets, I pray I don’t get diabetes, I just can’t stop or control the craving for yummy desserts. In this article, I am going to show you a bunch of simple keto desserts that will spice up your day and put a big smile on your kids’ faces, if …

keto cheese sauce

The Best KETO CHEESE SAUCE Recipe You’d Find This Year

Please be advised, we are going to be using broccoli, if you are not a fan of broccoli, you can use this easy keto cheese sauce for other purposes, but if you’re a fan of broccoli, trust me when I say you’ll love this. I have always been a big fan of broccoli, from childhood? …

egg casserole without bread

The Egg Casserole Without Bread Recipe Everyone Is Talking About

Hey there, welcome. In a bit you’ll discover my secret egg casserole without bread recipe. Stay glued to your screens. A casserole is basically food prepared and served from the same dish. Its roots are said to be American but in every continent of the globe, there are various types available.  I have officially fallen …

keto tortillas

A Rare Guide To Making Keto Tortillas In Minutes

Back in the day, I always loved the Keto tortilla recipe made by my friend, I remember asking her to teach me how to do it as she does, sadly, she didn’t. Maybe because it was a secret. I had to do my research and after a lot of reading, I can comfortably make keto …

fathead pizza
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The Ultimate Guide To FATHEAD PIZZA

If you love pizza as much as I do, then howdy there partner. We have something in common.  The best part about reading this article is that by the end of the day, you’ll have a Fathead Pizza going all the way down to your belly from your mouth. It’s a magical experience, trust me, …